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Friday, December 5, 2008

Miss Nancy Minds Their Manners


DownEastDocs says,

This is a 3 minute visual and preliminary trailer/preview for the upcoming documentary, "Miss Nancy Minds Their Manners". This film by filmmakers Martha Weeks Daniel and Caroline Rumsey Paxton fMiss Nancy Minds Their Manners is an earnest and heartfelt documentary film that follows 74 year old "Miss Nancy" Rascoe through the engaging task of teaching manners to children in her 200 hundred year old home in rural Hertford, NC. It's a five day and four night summer etiquette camp like no other and the mix of activities are all rich with Miss Nancy's true Southern gentility and grace from an era gone by.

The candid and often rambunctious campers help reveal Miss Nancy as a most charismatic Southern lady who's both charming and captivating. With abundant patience, and unknowing humor, she and her vibrant camp staff share not only the finer technical points to correct etiquette, but the underlying meaning and purpose of it all as well.

When summer ends, Miss Nancy also minds the manners of third grade students at an area public middle school in the fall. Her efforts with these students give them skills and confidence in special etiquette classes where they learn dining manners, telephone etiquette, introductions and correspondence.

People from the South have always prided themselves on good manners, and Miss Nancy's endearing spirit and zest for life move beyond traditional stereotypes of formality and social class often associated with etiquette. Through her religious and character values, Miss Nancy gives the children a better understanding of how positively good manners affect others, as well as themselves. Southern hospitality shines through all the valuable lessons that the children can take with them throughout life.

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